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Breathtaking Tranquility

European Facial

75 min, $85

This traditional Facial includes gentle exfoliation,pore cleansing,hydration,masque and a delightful massage of the face,neck and décolleté. Our exclusive product line allows you to receive an experience unparalleled by any other facial.

90 min, $145

This is a combination treatment of European Facial and LED Light Therapy, which improves and reduces the signs caused by the skin's aging process. LED photobiostimulation is an excellent way to increase collagen production in the skin,keeping it younger and healthier

40 min, $65

This relaxing facial will give you that ultimate boost and leave your skin smooth,rehydrated and revitalized.

Oxygen Luxury Facial

75 min, $95

This VIP oxygenating treatment hydrates, tones and gives the skin a natural glow. This Facial is a part of our anti-pollution treatments. All serums include: natural essential fatty acids, marine elastin,marine collagen, and Vitamin C.

Gold Marine Treatment Facial

60 min, $115

This wonderful treatment is recommended for rosacea,reactive, sensitive and dull skin. Purifying and calming masque tightens pores,cools face and calms redness. It gives skin a new vitality and is excellent to have after extraction.

Mezotherapy Treatment

75 min, $145

This unique treatment reduces the depth of wrinkles and smoothes out skin surface by activating the healing mechanisms. It is instant wrinkle remover. Base ingredients of used products are peptides,lipids and protein.

"Lift Total" Anti-Aging Facial

75 min, $145

Deep product penetration treatment. Keeping your skin looking young and beautiful for as long as possible is everyone's dream. Biologique-Recherche serum and lifting mask allow you to make this dream come true.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

60 min, $75

In our days where there is so much pollution surrounding us, this treatment is especially designed to deeply clean your skin,remove blackheads,and restore skin balance. It will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

"Vivant" Facial

75 min, $95

This treatment is recommended for seborrheic and acne skin. The balancing mask purifies and helps to control sebum. Active ingredients of products used include: yeast extract,lactic acid,cucumber extract,St.JohnsWort extract and witch hazel extract.

Herbal Peel

2 sessions $200

Herbal peel is a natural skincare treatment based on a plant-based agent that is used to exfoliate and resurface skin .It does not use synthetic acids. Herbal Peel contains natural herbal ingredients and micro-particles that are derived from plants. This treatment rejuvenates the skin, evens out the skin texture,stimulates circulation and refines pores. Recommended for all skin types.

Half Herbal Peel

60 min, $100

Exchanges the metabolism of the skin and has a strong healing effect. This is a great treatment for problem skin. Recommended for all skin types.


60 min, $95

Bio-marine hydrating treatment. Smoothes dehydrated skin,enhancing the natural protection capabilities of the epidermis. Recommended for normal to dry skin.


60 min, $85

Detoxifying and energizing bio-marine treatment. Masque will tone,purify and reenergize tired skin leaving it feeling soft,radiant and glamorous. Recommended for all skin types. Active ingredients:wheat germ,plankton extract and white clay.

Whitening Treatment

75 min, $115

The fruit acid masque contains high concentration of stabilized alpha-hydroxy acid to exfoliate, hydrate and make the skin brighter.

De-stress Eye Treatment


All skin types especially mature,dry and dull skin will benefit from the treatment. It reduces puffiness.

Teen Facial

60 min, $75

Cleansing steam,extractions, multi-vitamin and healing mask included to fit your individual needs.A wonderful way to introduce your teenager to proper skin care.Recommended for all skin types.

Men's Facial

60 min, $85

This facial was specifically created to decrease skin irritation due to shaving. This purifying facial cleanses,hydrates and refreshes even the toughest of skin. Please shave 6 hrs prior to your treatment for best results

Back Facial

75 min, $85

Serious deep cleansing to purify and correct problems.It reduces oil production and oxygenates the tissues. A thorough exfoliation,steam and extractions followed by rebalancing mineral moisture masque.

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